T H E S E  R O A D S  A R E  A L L  T H E  S A M E


Alright, testing, can you hear me? Can you hear me from this distance? Just about... I should probably be loud… Ok, it’s the 16th of April, 2018, um I am in my, in my car, it’s just gone 2 o'clock, and I'm gonna be driving from Redbourn, my house in Redbourn, to Plymouth, where I live in term time. I do this drive every few weeks and I'm gonna be talking the whole way. I won’t be talking when I'm taking breaks at service stations, I’ll only be talking when I'm inside the car and when the engine is running.

I'll try and describe my feelings and everything I see and the route and things it reminds me of. I'm thinking about, um, and the text will be formatted into one line, um, on each page... Continuous... Going across each page um without any punctuation. And because I’m moving constantly, nothing is the same. Everything looks the same, everything is more green fields, rising and falling, and lines, across these fields, and a little road coming down between these fields.

These roads are all the same. These roads are all so similar.

I’m running out of things to talk about... this is... I don't know why I decided to do this, this is such a stupid idea.


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