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I played this game on stream and saw the cursed room.
My flight got cancelled, but that's okay. :)

Cancelled. :(


We're sorry to hear your flight was cancelled. We wait on news from the pilot. Hopefully we can get you folks moving soon.


I find this a disturbing but compelling environment.  Kudos.  I find myself compelled to play it, yet also I find it unsettling.  Excellent job.


the major complaint I have is that you walk far too slowly, I'd rather the airport be friggin humongous and you walk like a normal person rather than walking like a snail


I've seen Suzanne from Blender on the tables at the fast-food. Suddenly I want to eat monkey meat.

haha this is awesome


Yes! Sometimes airports are just like that. I like the project but I unenjoyed my time in that airport but . . . I think that was probably the point.  No? It's sad that the most expensive and most used infrastructure we've bothered to build in the last thirty years or so is about the same, though maybe less interesting, as Brownie Cove Cancelled. 


i had fun exploring,,,there was some weird shit going on but cool nonetheless. hopefully there wasn't a story i missed or anything